Intermediate Grammar: Present Simple

Where do we use it ? We use the Present Simple for : thoughts and feelings : I think so, I like it. states, things staying the same, facts and things that are true for a long time : we live quite near. replaced actions: we come here every week in phrases like I promise, I agree, etc : I promise I'll pay you back. In a negative … [Read more...]

Intermediate Grammar: Present Continuous

The Present Continuous means that we are in the middle of an action. take a look at the following example : David? I'm at the train station. I'm waiting for the train. Oh, i can hear it. it's coming now. How is it formed? The present Continuous is the present tense of be + an -ing form Positive : I am looking OR I'm … [Read more...]

Direct Object and indirect object

Introduction To understand what a direct object is and how it is different from an indirect object, you need to pay attention to the following examples : 1. Henry gave Claire some flowers. Here the verb give has 2 objects. Claire is the indirect object, the person receiving something. Some flowers is the indirect object, the thing that … [Read more...]