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IELTS Reading Passage- Antarctic Penguins

Download the Reading Passage entitles as "Antarctic Penguins". Download links : Link 1 : Click here Alternative link : Click Here Notice: For Questions with explanatory answers of this passage click here.-OR- Click on the button below: Click here … [Read more...]

IELTS Reading Passage model with answers

Read the Following IELTS Reading passage and answer the questions. Use your predicting skills. Note the type of question. This Reading Passage includes the following Question Types : CLASSIFYING INFORMATION SENTENCE COMPLETION MATCHING SENTENCE ENDINGS Antarctic Penguins Though penguins are assumed to be native to the South Pole, … [Read more...]

IELTS Listening section 1 exercise

In this lesson, you will hear a telephone conversation between two people. Listen to the Audio below for Questions 1-8 : Listen to the Audio file: Listen Now If you're having trouble with the links above, use the following links: Audio File : Download Now -OR- Click here Question booklet with answers : Download … [Read more...]

Writing Task 1 line graph Vocabulary

Writing Task 1 has its own particular vocabulary for line graph. In this lesson, you will learn some of the most important words to describe a line graph. To get a good band score, you should show the examiner a range of good vocabulary to describe the upward and downward trends. Below, is a list of useful words to describe a line graph … [Read more...]

Writing Task 1 Determining The Topic

In Task l, you should summarize the information on the graph by┬áselecting and reporting on the main features. The main features will help you determine the details of the topic of the graphic. To Identify the main details of the graphic, first read the task and identify the type of graphic. Second, read the title of the graphic and scan the … [Read more...]

IELTS Writing Task 1: how to write an introduction

For your IELTS Writing Task 1, you need a good introduction. Begin your introduction with paraphrasing and briefly. The introduction states the topic and summarizes the information you will discuss in the report. The very first sentence of your introduction is the topic sentence which tells what the graphic is about. The next sentences tell what … [Read more...]