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THE WORLD IS OUR OYSTER: IELTS Matching information with new words

Matching Information is one of the most important IELTS Reading question types that appear frequently on the IELTS. You should spend about 20 minutes on the following reading passage. THE WORLD IS OUR OYSTER A)¬†Independent travel is on the increase and while package holidays which offer an all-inclusive price for transport, accommodation and … [Read more...]

Using Sir or Madam in IELTS Speaking test

Sir or Madam Many IELTS candidates ask if it is good to use Sir or Madam in IELTS speaking tests. The Speaking test on the IELTS is informal. This means you speak to the examiner in a friendly manner as though you were chatting with a friend. It is important and necessary for you to be polite, but you don't need to use Sir or Madam when you want … [Read more...]

Three time-saving tips for the IELTS Reading test

One of the comment problems that most IELTS test takers encounter during the exam, is that they loose track of time and it results in not having enough time and as a result, a low score on the test. For those of you who taking an IELTS test soon, here are three tips for saving time during the IELTS Reading test.( The tips are for both the Academic … [Read more...]

Word Families: Environment

In order to expand your range of vocabularies, you need to learn all other forms of a word. This way, you'll enlarge your words domain and have more control over the language. Part 1: noun noun verb defence defender defend 1) The scale of trees provides a ........ against the drying of the sun. 2) Fish cannot ........... … [Read more...]

Writing Task 2: Natural World with sample answer

Deforestation caused by human activity is happening in many parts of the world, with serious results for the environment. What do you think can be done to solve this problem? Support your opinion with reason and example from your own knowledge and experience. Write at least 250 words. A sample answer : WRITING (sample … [Read more...]

Listening: Natural World-Environmental Impacts of logging

The following Listening practice is related to the article, Environmental Impacts of Logging.  Listen to the lecture. Choose the correct letter,A, B, or C. Download the Audio file: Download 1. Trees provide a habitat for ......... . birds only. a myriad of animals. aquatic animals. 2. ........... are a source of … [Read more...]