IELTS reading: Polluting sounds with answers

Download the IELTS Reading passage "Polluting sounds: In search of silence" with questions and answers. POLLUTING SOUNDS: IN SEARCH OF SILENCE In a self-imposed solitary confinement, 22-year old Tom Wonnacott, a Princeton graduate student, spent four days lying in a lightless, sound-proofed isolation chamber. Unable to see or hear, he also … [Read more...]

Download :Environmental Impacts of logging

(A) From shipping crates to paper bags, the logging industry supplies the raw materials for an array of products. However, this is not without untold harm to the environment. The damage includes habitat loss, pollution and climate change, with the effects spanning the globe from the rainforests of … [Read more...]

IELTS Reading Passage- Antarctic Penguins

Download the Reading Passage entitles as "Antarctic Penguins". Download links : Link 1 : Click here Alternative link : Click Here Notice: For Questions with explanatory answers of this passage click here.-OR- Click on the button below: Click here … [Read more...]

Download IELTS Reading Answer sheet

Download empty Academic IELTS answer sheet. We strongly recommend using mock answer sheets to get used to the look and feel of the answer sheet so that on the exam day you can be more familiar with the answer sheet. IELTS Writing Answer sheet : Link 1 :Click here to download Link 2 : Click here to download IELTS Reading Answer sheet : Link 1 … [Read more...]