These Listening tests are designed and made available for you to improve your listening skills to get a better score on the IELTS Listening Module. Try to take these exams in a quiet atmosphere and focus on every question. The pattern used in these Listening tests is similar to that of the exam's.

IMPORTANT NOTE : You have 40 minute in total for the Listening exam. Managing the time plays a key role. Click on this link to learn more about the IELTS listening Module. To download the IELTS Official Answer sheet click here.

IELTS listening test – 2

Important :The test below is a complete IELTS Listening test. There are 40 questions and you should listen to each section and then answer the questions below it. The original Listening module in the IELTS exam takes 40 minutes:30 min for testing and 10 min for transferring your answers to the answer sheet. There are 40 questions in Listening … [Read more...]