IELTS Reading Tips : How to improve your score

Below are some tips for IELTS candidates who sometimes find IELTS reading difficult and for those who want to improve their reading skills and get a better score. Develop the skills of each type of question in Reading : There are about 14 different question types that you need to learn how to tackle each one. Some questions have answers that … [Read more...]

Extra reading: Culture shock

Read the following passage and try to guess the meaning of the words that are bold. Try to write a summary of the following passage and use the bold words in your summary. Culture shock You have read about Romulus and Remus whose culture shock came when they went back to the world of human beings after being raised by a wolf. Tarzan's culture … [Read more...]

THE WORLD IS OUR OYSTER: IELTS Matching information with new words

Matching Information is one of the most important IELTS Reading question types that appear frequently on the IELTS. You should spend about 20 minutes on the following reading passage. THE WORLD IS OUR OYSTER A) Independent travel is on the increase and while package holidays which offer an all-inclusive price for transport, accommodation and … [Read more...]

Three time-saving tips for the IELTS Reading test

One of the comment problems that most IELTS test takers encounter during the exam, is that they loose track of time and it results in not having enough time and as a result, a low score on the test. For those of you who taking an IELTS test soon, here are three tips for saving time during the IELTS Reading test.( The tips are for both the Academic … [Read more...]

Vocabulary: Environmental Impacts of logging

Read the following passage and focus on highlighted words. Try to guess their meanings as you read the passage. After you have completely read the text, do the exercises that follow the passage. Environmental Impacts of logging (A) From shipping crates to paper bags, the logging industry supplies the raw materials for an array of products. … [Read more...]

IELTS Reading Passage model with answers

Read the Following IELTS Reading passage and answer the questions. Use your predicting skills. Note the type of question. This Reading Passage includes the following Question Types : CLASSIFYING INFORMATION SENTENCE COMPLETION MATCHING SENTENCE ENDINGS Antarctic Penguins Though penguins are assumed to be native to the South Pole, … [Read more...]