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On the IELTS, one of the most important modules is The Writing Module which consists of two tasks both for the General Training and the Academic version of the test :

In this post, you’re going to learn more about writing Task 2 which is an essay. Most students have problems and difficulties with starting their essays because they don’t know the different types of questions on IELTS Writing Task 2.

As an IELTS Academic candidate, you should be familiar with different question types and know how to answer each using a set of different methods.

Remember : Each question type, has a slightly different way of answering and requires you to answer them differently. You must not answer each and every single Essay topic in the same way.

You should try to :

  1. Discuss all the questions and the issues in the task.
  2. present main ideas and provide them with supporting ideas and examples.
  3. Include relevant examples from your own experience.( This is for the question types that ask for your own opinion.)
  4. Writing grammatically correct sentences.
    1. If you don’t write grammatically correct sentences you’ll lose marks because one of the factors by which your writings are measures , is GRAMMATICAL RANGE AND ACCURACY.
  5. Use your own words and Avoid copying from the question.
  6. Link your ideas together in a logical way.
  7. Use accurate spelling and punctuation.
  8. Write in a formal academic style.
    1. Remember : Essays are considered to be academic writing pieces; thus, you should write in an academic style.

How to write for Writing Task 2 ?

As mentioned above, you need to become familiar with Writing task 2 question types. There are 3 different types of questions that you may encounter on the IELTS :

  1. To what extent do you agree ?
    1. Example :To what extent do you agree with that ?
    2. Example :To what extent do you agree with this statement ? 
  2. Benefits and drawbacks
    1. Do the advantages of these items outweigh their disadvantages ?
    2. Are are benefits more than the drawbacks ?
  3. Two Questions
    1. Why do you think this has happened? – How can we reduce our impact on the natural world?

To what extent do you agree ?

These topics, ask for your opinion about the topic. You should discuss different ideas and state in your essay whether you agree or disagree ?

What’s the meaning of “To what extent” ?

“To what extent” means “How much“. You can completely agree or disagree or you can discuss both arguments.

When to give my opinion ?

To know whether you should give your opinion or not, you should read the instructions carefully. Some IELTS candidates put their own ideas where they shouldn’t !

Follow the steps below :

  • Read the instructions carefully, follow them and answer the questions.
  • Don’t put your opinion unless you are asked for it.
  • If the question asks for your opinion you MUST give your opinion to get a good score.

Below are some example where you should give your opinion about the topic :

  1. “… do you agree ?” – it means you should give your opinion.
  2. “… do you think…. ? ” – it means you should give your opinion.
  3. “…. your opinion …. ? ” – it means you should give your opinion.
  4. “What is your view….. ?” – it means you should give your opinion.
  5. “Do the benefits outweigh the drawbacks ?” – it is asking for your opinion. no the opinions of other people.
  6. “Is this positive or negative ?” – it is asking you to chose and explain your opinion.

Below are some IELTS question essays. Decide if you should give your opinion or not. Then check the answers.

Some people think that rich countries should support poor countries in terms of aid for health care and education.

To what extent do you agree ?

Yes, This question asks for your opinion.


While some people think that the problem with education in poor countries is the teaching methodology used, others believe it is the lack of resources that is the real issue. Discuss both sides.

No, This task does not ask for your opinion. you should discuss both sides impartially.


With the development of modern transportation comes environmental problems. What possible solutions are there to these problems?

No, This task does not ask for your opinion. You should give a possible solution.


Some people believe that the schools should not asses the students’ abilities thought exams but instead asses them by their course work and project work over the whole academic year. Do you agree ?

Yes, This requires you to give your opinion.


Many children no longer read books and instead spent their time using modern technology. While some people think this is a positive trend, others think it is a problem. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Yes, This task requires your opinion. You will need to discuss both sides impartially and also give your opinion.

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