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IELTS Frequently Asked Questions

What does IELTS mean?

IELTS stands for : International English Language Testing System.

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How many skills are tested on the IELTS?

There are 4 skills tested on the IELTS :

  1. Listening
  2. Reading
  3. Speaking
  4. Writing
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Does the IELTS accept American English?

Yes it does. It is an International testing of English language. In Speaking, most examiners have British or Australian accent. For spelling, you must choose either US or UK spellings. You cannot mix them.

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Which skills do I take on the same day ?

Listening, Reading and Writing skills are tested on the same day. The peaking test can be taken either after, before or on the same day as the other skills.

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Is there a break between the reading and writing test?

Not at all ! There is not break between the reading, listening and the writing tests. They are all taken together and take a total of 2 hours and 40 minutes to finish. So, make sure you rest, eat and drink well before the exam starts.

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Should I use a pen in my IELTS test?

You can use a pen or a pencil for your IELTS writing test. However, you must use a pencil for listening and reading test.( Don’t forget to take an eraser with you.)

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How many times can i take my IELTS test?

You can take IELTS as many times as you want. There is NO limit.

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Can I wear a watch during the IELTS test?

No you can’t. You cannot wear a watch in any of the IELTS tests. Not even the Speaking test !

Notice : There will a clock on the wall in the exam room so you can check the time.

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What happens if I am color blind ?

You should contact your IELTS test center before the exam to let them know. They will adapt any color pages or illustrations(Like graphs and charts and etc) for you in the test.

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