Everything about writing Task 2 : Essays

On the IELTS, one of the most important modules is The Writing Module which consists of two tasks both for the General Training and the Academic version of the test : Writing Task 1 Writing Task 2 In this post, you're going to learn more about writing Task 2 which is an essay. Most students have problems and difficulties with starting … [Read more...]

Writing Essay Introductions

The first section of your essay on the IELTS is its introduction. Your essay's introduction plays an important role which is the first step to start your essay. There are 3 things that most students consider when they want to begin their essay : The hook : Which is the style that makes your essay look attractive and interesting. The … [Read more...]

IELTS Reading Tips : How to improve your score

Below are some tips for IELTS candidates who sometimes find IELTS reading difficult and for those who want to improve their reading skills and get a better score. Develop the skills of each type of question in Reading :┬áThere are about 14 different question types that you need to learn how to tackle each one. Some questions have answers that … [Read more...]

Extra reading: Culture shock

Read the following passage and try to guess the meaning of the words that are bold. Try to write a summary of the following passage and use the bold words in your summary. Culture shock You have read about Romulus and Remus whose culture shock came when they went back to the world of human beings after being raised by a wolf. Tarzan's culture … [Read more...]

IELTS Listening Test 1

Here you can find IELTS listening tests and answers to them for free. All of the following tests have complete answers. Listening tips & review Section 1 QUESTIONS 1-10 Questions 1-5 Complete the information below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDSAND/OR A NUMBER for each answer. City Library Head … [Read more...]

Map description in listening: natural world

The following Listening practice is related to the article, Environmental Impacts of Logging.  Listen to the talk. Look at the map below labeled A-E. Look at the list of places and write the correct letter, A-E, next to numbers 1-5. Download   Answers:   Audioscript: … [Read more...]