Speaking: Discussing a topic

When you write, you state a general idea and then add your supporting details. The same is true in speaking. In Speaking, first you need to express your idea and then you need to talk about the details and expand your idea. Take a quick look at the following paragraph: Topic A museum you have visited Question Discuss how this … [Read more...]

Download IELTS Reading Answer sheet

Download empty Academic IELTS answer sheet. We strongly recommend using mock answer sheets to get used to the look and feel of the answer sheet so that on the exam day you can be more familiar with the answer sheet. IELTS Writing Answer sheet : Link 1 :Click here to download Link 2 : Click here to download IELTS Reading Answer sheet : Link 1 … [Read more...]

A complete True False Not Given and blank filling IELTS test with answers

The following reading passage contains 16 questions including Fill in the blanks and True False Not Given question types. Read the passage and answer the questions. Before you read the passage : Read more about True False Not Given questions. Questions 1-8 Complete the summary of the reading passage below Choose your answers … [Read more...]

IELTS Reading True False Not Given

IELTS Reading module consists of different question types and each question type has its own method of answering. TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN questions are known as some of the most intriguing questions on the IELTS. You will be given statements containing information. You must decide if the statement are True, False or Not Given according to the … [Read more...]

Speaking Practice: Making notes

Try to make notes for the following topics. We strongly recommend reading this related skill to completely know what do to. There are 3 sample topics for IELTS Speaking Part 2. Practice making notes for each topic. Click on this link to know more about making notes. Topic 1 : Talk about a pet that you or someone you know once had. You should … [Read more...]

Speaking skill: Organizing a topic

The examiner will give you a task card. The card will have a topic and some questions to help you discuss the topic more clearly. You will have one minute to prepare your answers. The best way to prepare answers is to take notes. The questions on the task card are very important. They will guide your organization of the topic. You must answer ALL … [Read more...]