Speaking skill: Organizing a topic

The examiner will give you a task card. The card will have a topic and some questions to help you discuss the topic more clearly. You will have one minute to prepare your answers. The best way to prepare answers is to take notes. The questions on the task card are very important. They will guide your organization of the topic. You must answer ALL … [Read more...]

Talking about Yourself

About your home and your hometown You may be asked to talk about your home, your hometown or your neighborhood. You can talk generally about these, or you can talk more personally. Try to have a lot of specific details prepared. This will help your answers be more cohesive and fluent and you'll get better scores. Sample Questions and answers … [Read more...]

Reading: Using the topic sentence to make predictions

Every Paragraph has a key sentence which is called a topic sentence. This topic sentence explains what a paragraph is all about. It is the general idea of a paragraph. If you understand the general idea of a passage, you can look for specific details that support the idea. Read the second paragraph of the passage on OCD below. The first sentence … [Read more...]

Reading: Using the first paragraph to make predictions

The first paragraph of a passage can help you make predictions about the context of a passage. The first paragraph often contains: The topic sentence which is a summary of the main idea of the passage A definition of the topic Clues to the organization of the passage Read this first paragraph of a passage on the illness called … [Read more...]

Practices for Using the first paragraph to make predictions

The following practices are based upon Skill 01 where you learn how to make predictions using the first paragraph. We strongly recommend taking a quick look at our first reading skill before reading this article. Read these introductory paragraphs of other passages. Make your own predictions about the context of the following passage using the … [Read more...]