IELTS listening test – 2

Important :The test below is a complete IELTS Listening test. There are 40 questions and you should listen to each section and then answer the questions below it. The original Listening module in the IELTS exam takes 40 minutes:30 min for testing and 10 min for transferring your answers to the answer sheet. There are 40 questions in Listening … [Read more...]

IELTS Listening Test 1

Here you can find IELTS listening tests and answers to them for free. All of the following tests have complete answers. Listening tips & review Section 1 QUESTIONS 1-10 Questions 1-5 Complete the information below. Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDSAND/OR A NUMBER for each answer. City Library Head … [Read more...]

Listening: Natural World-Environmental Impacts of logging

The following Listening practice is related to the article, Environmental Impacts of Logging.  Listen to the lecture. Choose the correct letter,A, B, or C. Download the Audio file: Download 1. Trees provide a habitat for ......... . birds only. a myriad of animals. aquatic animals. 2. ........... are a source of … [Read more...]