IELTS reading: Polluting sounds with answers

Download the IELTS Reading passage "Polluting sounds: In search of silence" with questions and answers. POLLUTING SOUNDS: IN SEARCH OF SILENCE In a self-imposed solitary confinement, 22-year old Tom Wonnacott, a Princeton graduate student, spent four days lying in a lightless, sound-proofed isolation chamber. Unable to see or hear, he also … [Read more...]

Free Online IELTS Academic Reading Test 1

There are 3 Reading passages and 40 questions in total. Click  Next to start the test. Read the Reading passages and answer the questions. You will be able to see your score after you have answered all of the questions. Remember : You must answer all of the questions.   … [Read more...]

IELTS Reading Tips : How to improve your score

Below are some tips for IELTS candidates who sometimes find IELTS reading difficult and for those who want to improve their reading skills and get a better score. Develop the skills of each type of question in Reading : There are about 14 different question types that you need to learn how to tackle each one. Some questions have answers that … [Read more...]

IELTS Reading Passage- Antarctic Penguins

Download the Reading Passage entitles as "Antarctic Penguins". Download links : Link 1 : Click here Alternative link : Click Here Notice: For Questions with explanatory answers of this passage click here.-OR- Click on the button below: Click here … [Read more...]