Writing Essay Introductions

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The first section of your essay on the IELTS is its introduction. Your essay’s introduction plays an important role which is the first step to start your essay.

There are 3 things that most students consider when they want to begin their essay :

  1. The hook : Which is the style that makes your essay look attractive and interesting.
  2. The paraphrase : which is the reformed version of the essay’s question.
  3. The thesis statement : Which says what you’re going to discuss further in your essay.

Important Tip

On the IELTS, for writing task 2 , you shouldn’t spend ANY time on The hook. Because It is not important for the IELTS whether your essay is interesting or not. The IELTS does not evaluate your essay on being interesting.

Another reason is TIME !  you don’t have enough time on the IELTS to make your IELTS essay look interesting; as a result, you should skip The Hook.

Paraphrasing the question :

What does it mean to paraphrase the question ?

– well, It means to write the question sentence using different words but in a way that does not change its meaning.

Could you please show me an example ?

– of course ! Look at the following essay question :

The best way to improve health is regular exercise.

To what extent do you agree with this ?

The statement above, is a simple IELTS essay question. Now let’s see how to paraphrase it :

We have different things to paraphrase in the statement above; therefore, we write different parts in different colors :

The best way to improve health is regular exercise.

To what extent do you agree with this ?

Now that you see different parts of the statement above in different colors, you clearly understand how the statement above is divided into smaller sections.

The following introduction is a sample for the statement above :

The most important and effective method for improving and developing health is to have daily exercise.

That’s All ! This is the way you should paraphrase questions to start your essay on the IELTS.

Writing a thesis statement

Paraphrasing the question alone, is not complete and is not enough at all. Your introduction needs to have more detail and should state what your essay is going to be about; therefore, you need to add some more information to it so that it’d look more complete and informative.

Remember: To what extent” asks for your opinion. You should give your opinion.

Now that we know we should add more to our introduction, we try to write what we think of the statement :

The most important and effective method for improving and developing health is to have daily exercise; However, I believe by eating in moderation and consuming healthy food we can also stay healthy and never have issues concerned with our body’s health.

Paraphrasing tips :

  1. Remember that you should re-write the question provided by the IELTS using Different words in a way to transfer the same meaning.
  2. Do not copy from the question. In the example above, we copied “health” because there wan’t any other way to re-write it. Try not to copy from the question as much as you can.
  3. You CAN write different forms of the words while paraphrasing. For example, we used the word “improving” instead of the word “improve”.
  4. Try to add a synonym to make your paraphrase look nicer and to show the examiner that you know the meaning of the words in the question.
  5. Do not always stick to synonyms. Sometimes they transfer a slightly different meaning and sometimes they differ from each other very much.
    1. Why didn’t we use sport instead of exercise ?
      1. Because they have different meanings. Sport often involves a team and is more official but exercise is more likely to be considered a movement of your body.
  6. Pay attention to the meaning : paraphrasing a sentence should not change its meaning. if you change the meaning of the question in your paraphrase, your essay will go OFF ROAD !

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